Consulting & Analysis

Consulting & Analysis

Consulting plays a significant and an all-important role in the delivery of strong and sustainable business software solutions. It is the key to well planned software that continues to perform consistently, regardless of circumstantial factors. Zenithsoft provides software consulting services that ensure that your business objectives are perfectly aligned with the eventual technology implementation. We are on par with the best software development consulting companies in India and our consultants are experts in their specific domains, verticals and industry-specific solutions. They ensure that every aspect of your business requirements are carefully mapped to eventual outcomes thereby charting a path forward and ensuring that gaps between business vision and actual implementation are absolutely filled.

A good software development and consulting firm ensures that your project initiates under the best environment and practices. Planning and deciding on the information technology to be used in development is a key element amongst all attributes that go on to make a great software product/solution. In many instances, software specifications are not carefully or adequately documented. Under such circumstances, proper consulting becomes absolutely critical. It is very important to have a mutually common vision for the proposed software.

Our software consulting services involve one or more of the following:
•Benchmarking existing systems, applications and processes
•Gap Analysis – Accumulating and assimilating all relevant information
•Defining a roadmap and laying down a way forward
•Defining best practices and processes
•Defining a software architecture for the proposed solution
•Selecting an ideal Software Development Life Cycle model
•Understanding, Interpreting and Predicting Customer/User behavior
•Documenting Business Rules and Practices
•Suggesting and recommending the best suited Technology Platform to deploy
Documenting proposed Technology Implementation

Drawing references from existing applications and websites, although not entirely impossible, is only secondary in comparison to putting heads together and carefully documenting every business process and element. While it is theoretically possible to draw out or ‘extract’ perceptible features, it is nearly impossible to map back-end processes and systems.

For example, an online B2C portal may show all the options available to a potential user/customer. However, it will definitely not show all the processes and functions that are driving the application and making the entire software, a success. Fulfilling critical elements such as back-end features are best documented and mutually agreed upon at the onset.

The following hypothetical situations are cases-in-point, for selecting our services over any other software consulting company in India:
•Original business-level requirements and specifications have not been documented in their right form.
•There are undecided aspects to one or more key areas of the overall ‘vision’ for the software.
•There are a host of initial questions and clarifications regarding one or more software and/or business elements.
•Mapping the proposed software to its eventual delivery requires domain expertise, functional expertise, or technical expertise.
Lower-sized commitment – The duration of a software consulting process is potentially, a smaller percentage of its delivery and for some of our customers, an ideal option to take when partnering with us.