Platform Migration

Platform Migration

Zenithsoft provides application migration, operating system migration and database migration services. With technological surges suddenly making previously used systems and processes seem obsolete, the surest way forward is to ensure that the applications being deployed are ported to state-of-the-art technology environments while maintaining (or enhancing) existing software functionality.

Database, operating system and application migration services are needs that most organizations have at some point of time in their IT cycle. This is due to the following reasons:

Reduce differences and discrepancies in database platforms to enable a more robust data sharing and retrieval process.

With the open-ended and massive leverage that the internet has to offer, many organizations find themselves in a situation where web-enabling an "offline" solution makes more business sense.

To upgrade to better platforms from redundant ones offering little strategic value. The crux of upgrading from legacy systems is to maintain established organizational practices and policies and improve upon them.

Protection of data, especially when accessed by an extensive amount of individual and collective users as well as outsiders is almost mission critical. The primary focus is to enable high level encryption methodologies.

Applications that power today's businesses need to be robust, scalable, and reliable and offer increased performance features. Database migration and application or software migration derive their fundamental strengths from the existing business logic and build on it. In a lot of cases, migration can be a more cost-effective option as compared to application re-writing or purchasing "off-the-shelf" products.

By appropriately defining proven methodologies, frameworks and toolsets, Zenithsoft's approach to migration is oriented towards fulfilling minor but constantly deliverable functionalities as modules within the entire migration scope, which is a more realistic mode of functioning. Depending on a wide range of factors such as "Existing Situation", "Expected Situation" and "Monetary Constraints", we suggest the most appropriate mechanism for migration processes
Zenithsoft's approach to Migration services:

Migrating needs Consultancy. We assess a given situation and suggest the most effective mechanism.
•Intranet and IT assessment services
•Evaluating existing technology and suggesting Third-Party Tools integration wherever applicable
•Offering the entire gamut of services - From Inception to Implementation to Support

Zenithsoft offers Migration in the following categories:
•Software migration services within the same platform
•Migrating applications from one technology/platform to another
Evaluating existing technology and suggesting Third-Party Tools integration wherever applicable